Reintroduction to Luke’s Gospel


Luke writes to Theophilus, whom it is often assumed may have been a fairly recent convert who had questions about his new found faith in Jesus. Luke, the doctor, the historian and companion of Paul, writes to Greeks specifically, more generally, to believing Gentiles to offer certainty regarding all that Jesus said and did in his life, death and resurrection. His research and accounting of the events of the life of Jesus Certaintyforbelievers-Cropare rich with a pastoral, historically thorough and theologically sound.

The scope of Luke’s Gospel is enormous!  The gospel of Luke is the most extensive of the synoptic accounts, it includes the announcement of Jesus’ birth, his birth account, psalms of praise, prophecies, genealogies, the temptation, the calling of the twelve, miracles, parables, GospelofLukesermons, proverbs, beatitudes, the passion story, his trial and resurrection, his post resurrection appearances and teaching.

Luke offers the most complete picture of Jesus. He is seen throughout Luke as a prophet. He is the promised Messiah in the line of David (Son of David), the Son of God, the Son of Man, the Savior, Teacher, Master, Rabbi, the Lord, and the Christ.

Jesus came to rescue mankind and he fulfills his purpose by giving his life as a sacrifice for the sins of humanity! The intention purpose of redemption is seen through the majority of Luke’s gospel, as Jesus “set his face toward Jerusalem” and from chapters 9-19, we are reminded of his saving purpose and intentional focus on it. Acceptance-MontserretSemi-Bold.CropSalvation, as presented by Luke throughout his gospel, is forgiveness of sins and acceptance from God, and this good news is available especially to the poor and marginalized of society. Forgiveness-Marker Forgiveness is a central theme of the ministry of Jesus as Luke tells us at one point, “he came to seek and to save the lost.” (Luke 19:10)

Throughout Luke’s gospel, he offers us consolation that God indeed has a plan and is accomplishing that plan; though there are certainly unexpected turns throughout. God is still at work and will absolutely fulfill his purpose. 

The unexpected turns include the death of Messiah.  His vindication begins at his Luke-LostSon.tim-wildsmith-unsplash.Smallerresurrection and ascension. The Messiah is much more than anyone ever imagined he would be. Luke gives the most complete picture of Jesus.

The Gentiles are part of the plan as are the poor and marginalized; while the opposition comes from the religious leaders and the establishment of the day. Jesus offers salvation to outsiders. The hope of the nations, Jesus, the Messiah accomplished God’s plan of redemption!

Luke-Wordle.Graceway-ChurchSince November 2020, we have been working our way through this amazing gospel account by Luke.  Over the next two and a half months, we will conclude the greatest story ever told – the story of Jesus, and especially the story of his death, burial and resurrection. Join us as we walk through the final week of his life, those final days of ministry, training and instruction.


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