The Final Week of Jesus


In Romans 5:8, Paul concludes, “Christ died on behalf of us” or “for our sake.” As Paul continues to explain the work of Jesus on the cross in Romans, here in Romans 5, Paul asserts that his death if for us, for the ungodly (5:6), while we were still helpless. This transformational work of Jesus is for you. For true believers and genuine seekers, Easter is a significant event on the Christian calendar each year. Often, if we are not careful, we can get caught up in the hype of the season, the hype of the commercialization of Easter, but Easter is not about candy, rabbits, eggs or even gathering with extended family. Easter is all about the resurrection of Jesus from the dead and all it means for us. As Paul states in Romans 8, “Christ Jesus is the one who died, and even more, the one who was raised” (Rom. 8:34). The resurrection of Jesus offers us hope and the assurance that we are safely and permanently held by God. Rejoice and rest in that truth today.

Many years ago, I became personally curious to see the combined perspective of each Tomb.Empty.CROP-Risenof the gospel writers in the final days of Jesus. One afternoon, I compiled the collected accounts from each of the four gospels. Together, they present the final days of Jesus in magnificent clarity, offering purpose and meaning for his words, actions and responses. Jesus proceeds with great purpose as he makes his way to the cross on Friday. He knowingly responds in each scenario. He graciously accepts the weight of humanity’s sin. He sacrificially lays his life down in our place. The attached Passion Week Reading Plan provides this perspective. Enjoy and may the gracious gift of Jesus overwhelm you all over again.

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Passion Week 2024

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