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The Final Week of Jesus


Throughout Romans, Paul offers the hope that Jesus died for us. His death was not in vain, his life was not wasted; Jesus accomplished the purpose and plan of God. He sacrificially died, as a substitute, in our place, for our sins and you can know God personally through Jesus alone. ...

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Celebrating Advent


Advent is a time of commemoration and anticipation. Each year we celebrate the coming of Jesus, as a babe in Bethlehem; and joyfully anticipate his second Advent. ...

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The Apostles Afterward


What happened to the Apostles of Jesus? The book of Acts focuses most on the advance of the church from Jerusalem to Rome. Peter offers eight speeches throughout and Paul gives nine, but what happened to the rest following the conclusion of the book of Acts in 64 A.D.? ...

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Passion Week Reading


This week take a little extra time to consider the Final Week of the life of Jesus - the Passion Week. Follow the gospel writers as they lay out his final words and actions. Note throughout these accounts the burden, compassion and prophetic voice of Jesus. Our Redeemer at work among humanity. Read and rejoice in all he's done for you!...

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Reintroduction to Luke’s Gospel


Luke chronicles the life and ministry of Jesus. As we come back to our study of Luke, it is important for us to be reminded of all Luke has communicated to us throughout his gospel. ...

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Planning to Engage the Word


As we begin a New Year, it is imperative for each of us to prioritize a consistent time in the Word of God. What is your plan for reading the Word this year?...

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Essential Christian Virtues


As we begin a New Year, it is imperative that we understand our foundation as the people of God. God has called us to live out the distinctly Christian characteristics defined in Scripture....

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Reading the Easter Story


Easter is an extraordinary time of year! It is always so beautiful to watch the grass get greener, the flowers bud, and the trees begin to sprout new leaves....

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Vision 2021


Join us Sunday Night as we discuss our Vision for 2021!...

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The Week's Events


The events of the past week have created all kinds of feelings for just about everyone in our country. How should we respond as believers? ...

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