Church Membership should be a vital part of every believer's growth into greater Christlikeness!  The church body presents many vital aspects for genuine believers to continue their growth.  Through the church you should experience genuine love and acceptance.  You should also experience fellowship that challenges you to take steps toward greater Christlikeness.  You should experience teaching that challenges you to understand who Jesus is and all He has accomplished for you.  You should understand how to apply those truths to your daily life.  You should feel a sense of purpose in your church that encourages you to ask others to join with you on your journey of knowing Jesus more.

NewMembersClass.Banner1We are committed to worship, to passionately exalting our God and our Savior Jesus Christ, to Biblical instruction that causes us as a body of believers to grow in our personal relationship with Jesus, and to genuine fellowship.  We long to impact our community with the wonderful name of Jesus.

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