Our Mission

We exist to Glorify God

by Exalting Him, Edifying and Encouraging one another, and Engaging our community.


At Graceway, our hope is to serve you by pointing you to Jesus and offering help as you strive to grow in your relationship with Him.  If you do not know Him personally you can.



Celebrating Advent

Advent is a time of commemoration and anticipation. Each year we celebrate the coming of Jesus, as a babe in Bethlehem; and joyfully anticipate his second Advent.

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The Apostles Afterward

What happened to the Apostles of Jesus? The book of Acts focuses most on the advance of the church from Jerusalem to Rome. Peter offers eight speeches throughout and Paul gives nine, but what happened to the rest following the conclusio

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Passion Week Reading

This week take a little extra time to consider the Final Week of the life of Jesus - the Passion Week. Follow the gospel writers as they lay out his final words and actions. Note throughout these accounts the burden, compassion and pro

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